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We are bound by the OFGEM ‘Code of Conduct’ to carry out our services as a TPI. We assure you that you have access to the majority of suppliers available in the market and receive an unbiased view in a professional manner

Even if you have just signed a new contract with a supplier it is worth talking to us and letting us look at the best time to change in the future. We can arrange a contract for you sometimes up to 12 months in advance. Pricing changes are available daily from suppliers and this helps us to help you. See our simple steps page that explains how the process works.

Free Bill Analysis

We scrutinise your bill and look at all your current charges including standing charge etc

Electronic data Processing

All paperwork is undertaken digitally which gives you peace of mind that you can read everything first without longwinded telephone calls

Safe And Secure

When you have a copy of your bill we will drop you an email in advance of your contract ending